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Small orchard transporter with hand-operated crawler transporter
Oct 19, 2018

Introduction of Small Rubber Track Transporter The small rubber crawler transporter can adapt to the complex road conditions such as paddy fields, swamps, muddy field roads, rugged mountain roads, soft grasslands and deserts, slippery ice and snow, in agricultural orchards. Transportation, freight yard loading, water conservancy construction, infrastructure projects, and mining sites are widely used.

The track conveyor replaces wheeled walking with tracks, reducing damage to the ground, while the tracked walking device reduces the pressure per unit area of the machine and the ground. It is suitable for forests, fields, swamps, sandy areas, grasslands, snow and soft soil. Or work with poor climatic conditions. The track conveyor has a larger approach angle and exit angle, and is capable of handling deeper mud pits and pools, complex stone pavements in the same tire size. Also, the track conveyor has the size of a vehicle that adapts to the polar regions and can easily pass through narrow mountains, woodlands, and buildings.

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