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Causes And Treatments Of Oil Breaker's Oil Leakage
Mar 20, 2018

1. The surface of the main oil seal is hardened, and the sliding surface is cracked; the reason is that the abnormal high-speed working pressure is too high.

2. The main oil seal surface is hardened, and the entire sealed oil seal is broken and broken. The reason is that the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil is abnormally raised and the ozone damages the seal and generates oil leakage.

3. The wear of the main oil seal surface is as smooth as the mirror surface; the reason is that the micro-movement times are too small and the stroke is too high.

4. The surface of the main oil seal wears unevenly on the surface of the mirror. The reason is that the side pressure is too large and the eccentricity is too large, and improper oil and cleaning fluid are used.

5, the main oil seal sliding surface damage and wear scars; reasons ---- poor plating, rust with a rough surface of the rod selection of improper materials, containing impurities.

6, the main seal lip cracks at the top of the crack indentation; reason ---- improper assembly chamfer, installation, improper storage methods.

7, the main oil seal sliding surface indentation; reason ---- possession of foreign debris.

8, the main seal lip crack cracks; reasons --- improper use of oil, the working temperature is high or low, back pressure high speed is too high, the pulse pressure frequency is too large.

9. The main oil seal is carbonized and burnt and metamorphic; the reason is that the residual air produces adiabatic compression.

10, the main oil seal heel extrusion cracks; reasons ---- excessive pressure, extrusion clearance is too large, the use of supporting rings, the installation groove design is unreasonable.

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